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Battery Charger Manufacturers in Mandi

Battery charger in Mandi helps in storing energy in a battery by running an electric current through it. Powertron India Pvt Ltd. is recognized as the most promising Producer of Battery Charger in Mandi. 

Best Battery Charger Manufacturer in Mandi

Powertron India Pvt Ltd is delighted to share that it has been more than 10 years since we are consecutively awarded as the best Battery Charger in Mandi. We are recognized as the biggest Manufacturer of Battery Charger in Mandi.

Top-Notch Battery Charger Suppliers in Mandi

We manufacture the products in Maharashtra and we deliver them to different {locations} in India and beside chargers, we make products like Programmable Power Supply and DC to AC Converter. Our company is acknowledged as the top Battery Charger Exporters in Mandi.

Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]
Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]
Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]
Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]
Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]
Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]
Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]

Powertron Battery Charger [10W To 100Kw]

Featuers :

  • Automatic float/boost changeover
  • Low voltage ripple to optimize battery life
  • Charging mode : auto / manual (optional)
  • Modular design for high kw
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Compatible for vrla / smf / traction / li-ion / lfp / ni-cad
  • Designed to operate in poor power quality environments
  • Isolated load and battery charging option
  • Mounting : panel / floor / 19" rack / wall

Industries :

  • Oil & gas
  • Power generation
  • Power transmission & distribution substation
  • Material handling
  • Electric vehicle
  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Defence & marine
  • Locomotive
  • Railway & metro
  • Telecommunication
  • Engineering & construction
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DC Power Supply

DC in Mandi stands for Direct Current and it functions by converting direct current from one voltage level to another. Powertron India Pvt. ltd, is known for producing the finest products of DC Power Supply in Mandi at a cheap price.

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Telecom Power System

Telecom Power systems in Mandi are useful in securing telecommunication services if grid power interruptions and fluctuations occur. We have held our flag high in providing the best Telecommunication power system in Mandi.

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Programmable Power Supply

Powertron produces many products in Mandi out of which its best-sellers are Programmable Power Supply, DC to AC Converter and Electroplating Rectifier. We are known as the top producer of Programmable Power supply in Mandi.

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DC to AC Converter

We rank high in producing these DC to AC converters in Mandi. It is used for converting Direct Current to Alternating Current and it is done in a very efficient manner.

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Electroplating Rectifier

Powertron makes an Electroplating Rectifier that can be used in any of the industries and they ensure better proficiency and help in diminishing the power losses. We produce these rectifiers in large quantities at Mandi.

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EV Charger

There are two types of chargers used for charging Electric vehicles. They are AC chargers and DC chargers that are produced by us in Mandi. It is suggested to charge these batteries using DC because they are extremely compact due to the absence of power conversion. 

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SMPS also known as the switched-mode power supply is a type of electronic power supply that helps in incorporating a switching regulator for efficiently converting electrical power. We produce in SMPS in Mandi helps in transferring power from a DC to an AC source. 

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DC to DC Converter

Powertron makes DC to DC in Mandiconverter which is a type of electronic circuit that helps in the conversion of direct current (DC) from one voltage to another. 

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